2021 Halloween Break

No products will be made between October 30th and November 7th inclusive.

Finishing Date

Friday October 29th – This will still be a full day of making products.

Return Date

Resume production Early Monday Morning – November 8th.

2021 End of year cut off dates

A general guide to the end of year cut off dates for ordering products.
Keep in mind that Image Blocks is a very busy Print Lab so the details below are estimated and may be altered!

If you are unsure about sending in an order please email first!

Last order date for 2021

Wednesday December 8th.
You can still send in orders after this date, however there is no guarantee that they will be shipped in time.

Last working date for 2021

Friday December 22nd.

Re-opening date for 2022

Thursday January 6th.

Please note:

No products are guaranteed shipping if ordered after December 8th 2021, I’ll certainly try my best and you can always email first!