20×20 Inch – Hedgehog V1

Introducing our exclusive Framed Giclée Print of ‘Hedgehog V1 from The Bóinne Art Collection.

Experience the fusion of creativity and skill as our artwork transforms your space into an exquisite gallery. Indulge in the luxury of owning a truly unique, handcrafted creation.
Each frame is lovingly handcrafted in Ireland, showcasing rustic charm and timeless beauty. Our frames are the perfect complement for this chosen piece of artwork.

The Artwork:

“In this enchanting artwork, a hedgehog stands amidst the rich tapestry of autumn, surrounded by a carpet of fallen leaves in a kaleidoscope of hues. Vibrant flowers of myriad colors peek through the foliage, adding bursts of vividness to the scene. As raindrops gently cascade from the sky, they catch the golden light of the setting sun, casting a mesmerizing glow upon the tranquil setting. Attention to detail and a masterful use of textures throughout the piece brings the natural world to life, evoking a sense of wonder and beauty that captivates the viewer’s imagination.”

Frame Details:
20×20 Inch Solid Wood Farmhouse Frame with a choice of our Scandi, Coastal White or Woodland Finish.
Your frame will be handmade using our exclusive solid wood FSC certified molding.
It is 18mm wide, the depth is 44mm.

Print Details:
16×16 Inch Archival Quality print on “Smooth Polar Matte Paper”. The print will be ‘float’ mounted with hand-torn edges adding a unique touch.

Paper Surface:

Acid & Lignin Free Paper:

Archival Pigment Inks:

Art Style:
Contemporary Oil Painting.

2mm Crystal Clear Acrylic Glazing.


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Thank you.