Wall Art Layout Guide

This is a general guide to help you prepare a file for the production of Birch-wood Photo Blocks, Canvas Gallery Wraps, Canvas Rings and more!

For this guide we will focus on a 30×40 CM Birchwood Photo Block, the steps below are the same for all products that have Template Guides to help position your images.

Step 1.

Download the Free Layout Guides and choose the size needed.

Step 2.

Open the guide file in Photoshop. Paste or place your Artwork/Photograph on top of the the Layout Guide.

Now set the transparency of your Artwork/Photograph layer to around 70%. You need to do this so you can see the guide underneath and position your image accordingly. See image below.

Lowered layer opacity

Step 3.

Please fill the entire Layout Guide with your Artwork/Photograph. Cover every part of the area so that the Bleed Area cannot be seen. The first image below shows the area covered which is Correct. The second image shows the Bleed Area on show which is Incorrect.

Position the main focal points of the image with-in the main section of the guide so that for example no parts like the top of someone’s head or feet are trimmed off during production.

Correct way to position image.
Incorrect way to position image.

Step 4.

Return the opacity of your Artwork/Photograph layer to 100%. You can now save the file as a layered Tiff, PSD or flatten and save as a High Quality JPG file.


* A Bleed area is needed as part of the production method, it is a very standard practice.

* When your image is printed the part that is in the Bleed area will be trimmed off, this half CM on each side allows for positioning of the image on the Photo Block.

* If you are unsure on how to use the Guides I am always available to give guidance – Brian.